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My Story

From a very young age I loved colours, textures, beads and buttons.  At 8 years old I was into makeup, fashion, jewellery and loved to play around styling my bedroom.   I had a huge passion for bridal magazines! Beautiful dresses, stunning jewellery, the sparkle.  I remember fondly my mother purchasing them for me and I would sit and look at them for hours.  With a house full of brothers and being the only girl I guess for me this was my feminine escape, my little paradise to dream.  

Who’d have thought that little girl; (ME) was unleashing her entrepreneurial spirit to go on and live her dreams nearly 30 years on.

I enjoyed art and design at school very much, but back then I decided to take the “sensible route as I thought”.  I chose to study business administration, business studies and computer science in higher education, all of which proved valuable in life and have enabled me to set up my own business today.


This is ME! and my pride and joy Madison 

My next step in life, the big wide world!  I started working for a commercial interiors firm which I did for many, many years (12 years in fact).  It became apparent in that time that my love for design and interiors re-surfaced, I went back to higher education and studied and qualified as an Interior Designer, whilst working too, my first taste of multitasking!

So how did my change of career into jewellery design happen?  9.5 years ago (I am writing this early 2014) I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Madison (who is actually following in my footsteps, loves fashion magazines, makeup too!).  I made a decision not to return to work but to be a stay at home mum and set up my own business.  

My journey began selling jewellery I purchased, but for me it still was not enough, I was not fulfilled, I missed being creatve, then it hit me, my passion for bridal magazines, those pictures I spent hours mulling over, the jewellery, I decided to pull my passion to the surface.  I started handcrafting beautiful bridal jewellery, then a step further creating stunning tiaras.  My dream job was born, after many years of helping hundreds of brides, proms girls and bridesmaids, my little bubble burst.  Sadly my own marriage ended and I found it a real struggle to put in the passion and dedication into creating such special pieces…I do have a reason for telling you this, read on.

My Studio where the magic happens! 

I loved jewellery design and that part of me never went away, coloured textures I missed too, so I channelled my energy whist re-building my own life into creating unique one off fashion jewellery pieces.  I did this for a few years and loved it; I even actually found my love for bridal again and started re-creating stunning tiaras. 

In 2013 I had grown as far as I could business wise as it stood, but for me I could see a bigger dream,  a bigger picture, one that was going to push me to my limits, take me out of my comfort zone and allow me to create a brand that would be adored by women globally.  In February 2013 I took the plunge and hung up the days of creating bridal tiaras and unique one off pieces for good!  I launched Angelica Florence Accessories….I’ve never looked back!

The name Angelica Florence Accessories came from my late Nan Florence, or better known as Flossie, she was my inspiration, a strong determined lady, the head of the family and she had a passion for shoes, bags and clothes….wonder where I get it from?!  It only seemed fitting I named my business after her. The Angelica part if from my other Nan, Granddad, my brother and two special aunts who have also sadly passed, I know they are with me, guiding me and pushing me forwards, my drive is to make them proud whilst they watch down on me. 

MY DREAM NOW?  to create elegant, sophisticated and stunning jewellery for women of all walks of life.  No matter what life throws at us, we ALL have choice whether to stay down or get back up.  I have spent the last few years as a single mum pushing myself forwards to create a legacy, a business I can hand over to my daughter, to inspire other women too,  if you have a passion just be brave and follow it!

Ladies, we deserve to shine, armed with gorgeous shoes and stunning jewellery we can conquer the world. 

My Beliefs:- 

 When designing a new piece of jewellery I envisage who will wear my collections.  When will they my jewellery?  What will they wear the piece with? How will it make them feel?  

My belief is women should look and feel good everyday whether you are a mum, professional, manual worker, whatever walks of life, we all deserve to look and feel beautiful.   

So whoever you are don’t shy away, shine bright and buy elegant, chic and sassy jewellery….step out in style. 


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